New Resin Foil Inserts *NOW* in the Etsy Shop

Is your resin work missing that extra flash and sparkle of iridescent foils? NO MORE! Fire Soul Grace Heart is now offering pre-made resin foil inserts as well as custom sheets with a variety of colors. Everything ranging from rainbow iridescent, pink, to neochrome. We also have a wide variety of vector options for all your creative products. Holiday options even!

At $7 each for a premade and $10 for a custom sheet (I jam pack these sheets and you get to choose multiple colors if wanted.) Custom sheets are saved for easy reprinting.

Bellow is a premade sheet that was upgraded with custom colors for $2:

Bellow is an example of a completely custom sheet. Check out those cute moths!!!!

How do I order?! You click this link right here and head on over to our Etsy page!

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