Perfect Pendulum Collaboration!

When I saw this piece of aventurine I knew exactly what needed to happen, Missy with Crystals and Herbs Co and I needed to collaborate. So I shot her off a random DM and held my breath. Luckily she saw the same vision and wanted to create together.

We decided on a large piece of aventurine, citrine, and malachite.

As soon as I had the pieces prep started for their baths. Gluing on their jump rings and layering on the graphite paint making sure everything is ready for their dip in the bath. The aventurine didn't need to have any latex protection but I made sure to triple layer the malachite. There is a deep sadness to pulling off your latex and finding a chalked stone. But these three were champs and my prep work did the trick.

No issues just beautiful electroformed stones. I am very pleased with how these turned out and we will be making more of these stunning baubles!

Please note the citrine has already sold! But the malachite and aventurine are still available for grabs.

Link to Malachite available soon!

Link to Aventurine:

Which one was your favorite?

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