Top 3 Favorite Crystals to Electroform by Fire Soul Grace Heart Jewelry Designer

Electroforming jewelry is one of my favorite mediums to not only work with but also to teach (hit me up for electroforming kits and one on one classes). I love the mixture of art and science that forms these gorgeous masterpieces. When picking crystals to create with you must keep that science part at the forefront of your mind when picking crystals. The electroforming process will eat away certain stones, so make sure you do your research before deciding to electroform your stone. From experience it is almost as sad as spilt milk when you pull out a now chalked out stone that is at times melting like an MandM in your hand.

My favorite stone to work with is Quartz.

Eeekkkk look at all those quartz babies!

The reason why I love quartz beyond its beauty is because it really needs no prep work before the bath. She's resilient and strong, you don't even need to give her a latex jacket. She's the real stone MVP.

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Number 2 Favorite Stone to Electroform?


Labradorite is a beautiful stone that really shines when hit by light. This stone comes in a few different "flash" colors and each is unique and stunning! Also a hearty stone that doesn't need too much prep work.

Labradorite is a pretty easy crystal to find from your local crystal dealer.

Number 3 Favorite Stone to Electroform?

Has to be the gorgeous pink opal. The blush color makes me think of a quickly dispersing sunset holding on for just 2 more fleeting seconds. This stone should handle the electroforming process just fine but these could use a layer of latex just to be on the safe side.

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There you have it my favorite stones to work with! What is your favorite stone or crystal?


Owner of Fire Soul Grace Heart

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