What do I need to get started electroforming jewelry?! Fire Soul Grace Heart breaks it down for you!

Electroforming is a super fun way to bump up your jewelry skills. If you have come here though I have a feeling you are already aware of its intrigues. But what do you need to get started electroforming? Don't worry while it is a fairly long list most of it is easily found.

Lets start with the easy stuff. Most of these items can be found at any Walmart, Lowes, ect. Make sure you check your mom and pop stores before going to the big boxes.

Fingernail Polish, Latex (special effects makeup), Clothes pins, Ring sizer, Distilled Water, Bowl, Super glue (jewelry specific is the best but loctite will work), Coffee Filters, Crystal or Stone you are wanting to form to.

This next piece is one of the essentials, a glass bowl or beaker that you have enough space for your coiled copper and your suspended items. I bought this in the candle/vase section of Walmart.

These are mini slag brass brushes. You can find these in multiple places. You will use these to shine up your copper after removing your baubles from the bath.

Ok now on to the harder to find and or online only links. Please note I am not affiliated with any company mentioned... Not that I am opposed....

DC Power Supply Adjustable (0-30 V 0-10 A), Eventek KPS3010D Variable Switching Regulated Digital Power Supply with Alligator Leads US Power Cord

Midas Bright Copper Electroforming Solution

Archaic Elements Graphite Paint

Various Copper Gage Sizes for rings I recommend 12 or 14 gage

This is what I would say is the bare minimum to get you started. Please feel free to contact me with questions!

Don't want to find everything and wish there was a kit someone could just send to you?

Contact me for a full electroforming kit!!! I got you!

I will be also doing an intro to Electroforming Class via Zoom once all of your stuff arrives and if you would like someone to walk you through some electroforming basics I would love to help. The class is one on one and about an hour long. Contact me for more details or to schedule.

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