What is Acrylic Pouring? Fire Soul Grace Heart breaks down this super easy, but satisfying medium.

You know you have seen those addicting videos all over social media where people paint with out ever touching a #paintbrush. Wish you knew how they created their masterpieces?

Well I have been pouring for 3-4 years now and have been teaching for almost as long(Yes! I teach classes in Sacramento CA see and head over to their Events area for more information.

I really love to share new things I learn. Acrylic pouring is a medium in which #acrylicpaint is thinned down with water, a flow agent (floetrol, pva glue, modge podge ect), and some times Dimethicone oil.

Every artist has their own way of mixing their paint so that it reaches their desired consistency. Usually the consistency of thick cream.

That paint is then poured either directly on the canvas, or poured into a cup for what is referred as a #dirtypour . See video below for an example of a dirty pour or flip cup pour.

It is so satisfying to watch the paint settle on to the canvas. The feeling of the paint seal , breaking as you lift the cup, soooooo good!

Now you're going to pick up your canvas and tilt the sides to manipulate the paint around the surface. Trying to cover you edges.

Once you've got it covered how you want it set it somewhere LEVEL, cannot stress this enough, LEVEL to dry for 24-48 hours. Then you will have a beautiful acrylic pour painting. Give her a layer of polyacrylic and you're ready to hang your masterpiece!

But, but, but I can't art.... Poppycock and I would appreciate you stop talking to yourself that way. I have poured with the young and old! If you still have the use of your hands you can do this! I have MS myself and it is how I got into pouring. It helps me relax, calms my anxieties, and lets me be creative! I even have kits you can purchase on my Etsy page to make it even easier!

I cannot wait to see what you create and please tag me in your creations!


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